Money in Politics

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Local elections

Snapshot taken on May 29.

Figures below are taken from Orestar. Balances are from the Account Summary tab and may not reflect actual cash on hand as the figure includes accounts payable. Income and expenses are calculated using a two-year campaign cycle and combine contributions and expenditures for 2023 and 2024.

Party affiliations listed below refer to the candidate’s voter registration and do not constitute endorsements from that party.

All candidates must maintain records of all transactions. But they may choose to not file campaign finance reports if they expect to receive or spend less than $3500 in a calendar year. Most candidates showing zeros are taking advantage of this, however, some transactions may still be reported by other committees, like the Deschutes Republicans or Deschutes Citizens for Law and Order (fwiw, both organizations have the same treasurer). Once a candidate either receives or spends more than $3500, including in-kind expenditures like a postcard promoting them paid for by someone else, all transactions must be reported.