Money in Politics

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Campaign fundraising

Snapshot taken on June 1st. There is a mandatory 7-day reporting window.

Figures below are taken from the Account Summary page on Orestar. Balances from previous years carry forward, but are not reflected in the income and expense columns. Balances are the Balance Deficit figure, which also includes outstanding accounts payable and loans and may not reflect actual cash on hand.

Party affiliations listed below refer to the candidate’s voter registration and do not constitute endorsements from that party.

wdt_ID Candidate Committee Party Race Income Expense Balance
1 Wendy Imel Friends of Wendy Imel for School Board NAV BLPS-2 20,909.69 17,245.20 3,664.49
2 Maria Dauenhauer

Friends of Maria Dauenhauer for School Board

R BLPS-1 47,646.08 45,424.13 2,221.95
3 Gregg Henton

Friends of Gregg Henton for School Board

R BLPS-4 18,039.69 18,132.44 -92.75
4 Jon Haffner

Friends of Jon Haffner for School Board

R BLPS-7 19,884.68 17,928.83 1,955.85
5 Carrie Douglass

Carrie Douglass for Bend-La Pine School Board

D BLPS-1 21,984.80 2,434.80 1,618.03
6 Marcus LeGrand

Marcus For Schools

D BLPS-2 20,442.57 16,527.14 780.43
7 Shirley Olson

Shirley 4 Schools

D BLPS-4 5,964.18 5,914.01 40.17
8 Janet Sarai Llerandi

Janet Sarai Llerandi for Schools

D BLPS-7 16,447.72 10,003.37 6,377.84
9 Nathan Hovekamp

Friends of Nathan Hovekamp

D BPRD-3 1,525.00 1,680.09 101.91
10 Zavier Borja

Zavi For Bend

D BPRD-4 7,781.00 3,358.85 872.15