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Bend school board candidates talking race on Fox News

We finally found the school board candidates who have been refusing to participate in public events or answer to the public! They’re on Fox News! Maria Dauenhauer and Wendy Imel are half of a bloc of crank candidates running for Bend-La Pine School Board this year. Traditionally, candidates appear at several public events to present their ideas. This crew has refused at every turn. They refused the League of Women Voters, the Bend Bulletin, etc etc. Well, they didn’t refuse

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The public shouldn’t need context to trust police are not members of terroristic militias.

There is a political axiom – “if you’re explaining, you’re losing.” It’s attributed to Ronald Reagan and gets at issues of public trust. Bend Police Department Corporal Joshua Spano was photographed on Saturday wearing a non-regulation patch on his duty uniform reading “MOLON LABE.” Come Monday, Bend PD will likely be explaining. Or trying to. This “come and take them” slogan has become popular among gun fanatics and militias in recent years. Along with the Spartan helmet, it has become

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Hypothetical House Districts

Back of the napkin GIS sketch on redistricting

Any talk of redistricting needs to focus on giving Central Oregon more coherent representation. Bend grew astronomically since 2010, but so did the surrounding areas. Current legislative maps feature silly districts – the city of Sisters is in a Senate District (SD) that touches both the Washington and Nevada borders; La Pine is squeezed into one that includes Prineville… and the suburbs of Medford. Bend gets one House District (HD) – despite having the population for two – and is

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Redistricting is coming!

Census population data will be delayed until later this year, but the map files were posted online last month. Find new maps at the Census website here.

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The Oregon Republican Party has not grown in 20 years

The Oregonian pointed out today that over 11,000 Oregonians have left the Republican Party since Election Day. Twitter is full of commentary. Here’s some context: Both parties typically lose around 1% in registrations by the January after a presidential election. In 2004, Dems lost 1.75% This (1.44%) is indeed the worst decline for Rs in 20 years, but it only brings them to… Sept 2020 levels. While Rs lost more than 11,000 since November, they gained 43,256 registrations in the

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