Political ads are hitting TV early. Here’s how to track them in Central Oregon.

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State candidates report their campaign finances in Orestar. Federal candidates report to the FEC. When they buy ad time on TV or radio, though, the station who runs the ad also has to report it separately to the FCC in what are called Public Inspection Files.

This page is a roundup direct links to the Public Inspection Files for each station operating in the Bend area. I’ll revisit this as time allows and expand on what these records can tell us in the 2022 election cycle.

Do you have copies of candidate ads?

FCC records only tell us that ads are running. In order to archive or share the ads, we need your help! Sometimes campaigns put their ads on YouTube, other times we need to record or screen cap them. Send your tips about new ads at the contact form linked above.

TV stations

Bend Broadband (Cable channels)

Central Oregon Daily, KOHD (ABC), KBNZ (CBS)

News Channel 21 (Fox)

News Channel 21 (NBC)

Radio stations

News Talk Radio (FM 100.1, AM 1110)


99.7 The Bull

98.3 The Twins

107.7 The Beat

These lists are not complete. More radio stations to be added later!

Eric Lint lives in Bend

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