How to watch election night results in Deschutes County

It’s as simple as checking the links, right? Hopefully! First results are released after 8pm Polls close at 8pm. Deschutes County typically reports first results around 8:20. Another round of results usually arrives before midnight. Then we wait. Some counties may offer additional updates the next day, others wait until scheduled reporting dates – that’s […]

Election 2021 Precinct Maps

I still have a good bit of work to do cleaning up these maps and adding more detail, more election results, more analysis… …but I couldn’t help hitting “Publish” early so that all of you can get immediate access to what I have so far. What would you like me to prioritize next? Drop me […]

The lying is a problem.

Honesty is a good thing to model for young students. For some, though, winning at all costs seems to matter more. Newspapers shy away from using the word “lie” because it’s hard to know whether someone is knowingly spreading a mistruth or doing so out of sincere ignorance. Some lies are so inherently malicious that […]